weCANfoil is fortunate to have partners and supporters that have provided access to a wide variety of different foiling craft. Some of these are based at the Hubs (sailing clubs that are running a weCANfoil foil training program) and some are mobile.

Wing foils

Thanks to generous support from SUP&foil, there are 16 wingfoil sets available. Takuma wings are paired with inflatable NSP board which make for a convenient and portable package.


The Waszp is a economical foiling dinghy, with wand-based flight control system. These boats are provided directly from Waszp Global via Pitchpole Skiff Products, their North American distributor. Simple to learn, hard to master, and with readily available spare parts without the budget requirements of the foiling moth.


Both the Nacra 17 and Nacra F18 FCS are foiling catamarans. The former is an Olympic class boat, well suited to a mixed crew with combined weights of 135kg while the F18 has the power and buoyancy to support up to 150kg. In the most recent Olympic quad, a system to adjust the rudder rake differentially while racing has been added to the N17 permitting upwind foiling in addition to downwind. Both boats use Z-foils which are insertable from the top of the hull.


A three-person crew makes the most of this full carbon foiling monohull. The fleet is just starting in North America, and runs a novel ‘everything-included’ regatta model that weCANfoil will be bringing to Canada in July 2023.


The GC32 is a beast. Designed by Martin Fischer and first built in 2012, it was retrofitted for full foiling in 2014. The Canadian SailGP team trains on a GC32 that will be based in Canada as of the summer of 2023, and this boat is a great training ground for aspirational team members.



At present, weCANfoil does not have any of these Olympic-class foiling windsurfers. Very common in Europe, these craft have not yet gained the same popularity in Canada. However, we’re keeping our eyes open…


Often portrayed as the ‘competitor’ to the 69F, this foiling cat has a popular European circuit. We’re waiting to see if it manages to make the way across the pond…